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Architects & Interior Designers:

We provide services from concept to concrete and are specialists in expediting projects in a manner that saves client’s time and money. Our responsibility towards the clients starts with improvements to the operational performance of the building. We believe that architecture can enrich our day to day experiences and can elevate perceptions of a person, an organization or a community.

We strive for architecture that enhances an organizations function and expresses its vision by embracing human behavior within its contextual social structure enriching the ways, in which people work, live and play. Architectural and interior design is the combination of our clients’ needs and values, art, technology.

We focus on promoting excellence rather than a signature style, because our design response for each project arises out of the specifics of its site, program and physical and cultural context. Through an integrated approach to design and immaculate execution we deliver a memorable design every time.

Our architectural design services include
Site analysis
Schematic design
Concept design
Design development/guidelines
Construction Documentation
Construction administration
Exceptional Services and Solutions
We have always been focused on setting superior quality standards based on industry needs. Our highly qualified and accomplished technical staff takes the most complicated projects from concept to completion.
Clients can also ask for complex, custom solutions as required.
Setting Industry Standards
We can proudly say that, we now create the industry benchmarks. Innovative construction techniques have helped us in achieving this goal.
Our company is operated by a highly experienced of India with presence across Infrastructure Sectors. management and staff representing multiple disciplines.
Ethics – Uncompromising integrity, honesty, and fairness form the core of our values.
Excellence – We are committed to set high standards. We apply advanced technology and believe in continued innovation and improvement. We thrive on challenge and accomplishment. We work by our covenants, which encourage openness, teamwork and trust.
Safety – Zero accidents is an unwavering goal. We value the lives of people.
Sustainability – We plan and act for the future, for the long-term good of our company, our clients and the world around us.

Contractor – Turnkey Solutions:
The project manager implements the project according to the plan. He monitors the progress of the project, makes any necessary adjustments and reviews the quality of the completed work on a regular basis. The project manager informs the stakeholders and other appropriate staff in the organization on the progress of the project. He also ensures the project is completed on time, within the budget and at the required quality level.
As a project planner, the project manager creates a detailed work plan that identifies and sequences activities to be completed. He defines the scope and objectives of the project in collaboration with the senior management. A project manager also determines the resources required to complete the project and ensures all the resources are allocated effectively.


In a turnkey project scenario the following aspects were completely handled as a single point responsibility
· Complete Project Design.
· Optimal project size based on market scenario.
· Optimal equipment sizing to avoid energy and material losses.
· Options for various equipment suppliers required for the project.
· Integration of various equipments from various manufacturers and proving as a complete turnkey solution for the project.
· Layout for the project.
· Raw Material Suppliers.
· Designing of important parameters viz, bottle, cap, lable etc.
· Installation and Commissioning of the Project.
· Complete Training of personnel.
· Complete Project Co-ordination in India and at site to ensure timely, effective and suitable project implementation to give desired product.
In a business setting, a turnkey project is generally produced by a team of contractors and project leaders who have experience with the type of project that is being produced. These contractors will do everything needed for the project. A project idea is often handed over to them and they are expected to produce the project up to the standards set by the company they are contracted with. They will be able to do everything from the design of the project to the minor details. This project is then handed over to the project manager, who functions as a customer or client in this situation.
Turnkey means that the project manager will only have to turn a key to have the business or project up and running. Although not every project has a literal key, it is figurative. The project manager or client will only have to do very minimal work. They can expect a turnkey project to be returned to them and fully operable when they are ready.

Civil Contractors:

Apart from providing various types of services, we are also providing civil construction services. Civil construction mainly deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the infrastructure of a city, town or country which includes roads, bridges, canals, dams and buildings. We provide civil construction services in Nagpur and its surrounding areas. We construct roads, bridges, canals and have also taken up projects of building several highways. As roads, bridges and highways are the most important part of an infrastructure of a city, the materials and equipment used should be top class so as not to present any difficulties later.

For the construction of these structures, we use the best available materials and guarantee the flawless functioning of these structures. We also function in the regions of Pune and Nasik as developers and builders of these structures. By availing our services, you will be guaranteed the best service in town.

 Electrical Contractors:
Industrial Electrical Project
We under take the complete industrial electrical project in design, supply, erection, installation and commissioning of HT /LT overhead line, substation, power distribution transformer, various electrical control panel, cable laying and termination fire alarm system and industrial electrification. Industrial building required well planned lighting system to support various authorities providing a comfortable and safe working atmosphere. We frame and implement the service modules as per our design requirement and we assure that our client are being fully satisfied by our quality, services, Transformer, control panel, overhead lines, cable laying, industrial electrification.

Commercial Electrification
Right choice of lighting for offices, hotels, restaurant, social area, IT parks and dining hall club environment not only provides good illumination, but also positive impart and motivating by enhancing the ambient performance.
Residential Electrification:
We undertake the complete electrification of residential buildings. Lighting an effective tool to promote a house, it is not only a functional requirement which produces safety and security to resident. We design effective use of light which can dramatically enhance the performance of most retail environment by best lighting effects.

AAC Blocks Dealers:

Supply of Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Blocks ( AAC)
Brickwell frim is occupied with the business of imaginative building materials and pre-assembled development innovations and is one of the biggest producer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks.autoclaved Aerated Concrete) Blocks. AAC Block is a substitution of customary red bricks. AAC Block weight just a third of the red bricks or concrete block that generously helps work proficiency while sparing structural steel utilization and operational expenses. It may build the rug zone as wel by 3% to 5% relying upon the outline. Also, AAC squares are severeal times bigger than conventional blocks, coming full circle into lesser mortar use. AS the squares are production line completed with exact edges and shapes, they require considerably less mortar, POP, or putty complete.
Features of Areated autoclave concrete blocks
· Robust
· Accurate measurement
· Environment friendly product
· Strong
· Advantages of Areated autoclave concrete blocks
· AAC Bricks have superb compressive quality in abundance of standard earth blocks/ robust squares, ensures min.
· AAC Bricks Density is 650 kg/m3 which diminishes dead load on structures.
· Enormous sparing in establishment and structure reserve funds on pillar costs.
· Great earth shake safety properties.
· Simple taking care of, simple to transport and stock.
· Speedier development. AAC Blocks are effortlessly sliced to custom size necessities on size utilizing essential force instruments.
· Enormous sparing of work. Speedier development specifically identifies with diminishment in the process of childbirth prerequisite.
· AAC Bricks offer most elevated warm protection making cool summers and warm winters.

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