Quality & Safety


We are committed to meet the expectations of our customer through our customer and well designed and established service delivery. To achieve this good, our impact will be towards the following.

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Ultimate utilization of men, machine, finance and resources.

Provision of a safe working environment.

Planning system of effective implementations.

Strong organization support through human resource development.

Adherence to project completion schedules.

Development of reliable vendors for a higher degree of quality assurance.

Quality is the result of constant endeavor to give better, it’s a continuous process etc.



In addition to external regulatory requirements it has established certain safety and Health Fundamental requirements to provide uniform safety and health standards. We put safety first on all our projects, we believe that we can prevent accidental injuries, occupational illnesses, property damage through proper training, planning and compliance with our safety program.

images (35)We believe and encourage our teams to use safety helmets, gloves, shoes, belts, fire extinguisher for welding & brazing work and carry first AID boxes, etc. Depending on the nature of work without the above safety principles, we would not be able to achieve that level of performance on our projects.

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